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My thoughts on TryHackMe's awesome Pre-Security Path

05 Jul 2021 » linux, security

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I’ve been using the cybersecurity learning platform TryHackMe for about 7 months now, and it’s been a great way to learn new skills, in a gamified environment with a friendly amount of competition. TryHackMe’s ‘rooms’ (small course modules) cover a wide range of content, from lock-picking to authentication attacks!

The learning path

TryHackMe have numerous ‘paths’ (sequences of linked rooms which cover similar topics and give you a good understanding of topic areas). These include offensive pentesting, and a beginner’s path, amongst others. However, I was very excited to find out that TryHackMe had recently published a brand new Pre-Security path, covering everything you need to know before you start working on security topics. The path covers networking, web, Linux, and Windows, four key areas which give you a good foundational knowledge that you need to approach other areas of content on the TryHackMe (THM) platform. I enrolled in this path, and have successfully completed it - it was a wonderful learning experience.

Network Fundamentals

This section covers basic principles like what networking is, local area networks, the OSI model, packets and frames, and extending your network. This section of the path gave me a good refresher on networking topics, and taught me some new things in a fun, interesting way. It even included some games along the way! It made what is sometimes a dry topic really interesting and enjoyable to learn about.

How The Web Works

This section takes you through DNS (how your computer finds servers based on their domain name), HTTP (how your computer fetches webpages), how websites work, and it also puts all these areas together to give an overall outline of web technologies. This section really filled in the gaps for me, and gave me a more detailed understanidng of technologies, but from a beginner’s perspective, it would be an easy way to get up to scratch on some very important areas.

Linux Fundamentals

This section, consisting of 3 interactive rooms where you connect remotely to a live Linux machine, covers basic Linux commands and the different features of the operating system. It shows you common Linux practices, while not being boring or spending too long on each area. By the end of the section, you’ll have a great understanding of the Linux command line, and you’ll easily be able to navigate any Linux system you encounter.

Windows Fundamentals

The Windows Fundamentals section consists of 2 modules which get you to view and control a Windows Server machine. You learn about the desktop, the file system, the control panel, configuration, the registry and many more advanced topics, whilst still being easy to learn for any beginner. Through this section, you’ll become a real power user of the Windows OS, and unlock advanced features to help you take control of your computer.


I found this path really enjoyable, and I’d highly recommend checking out TryHackMe if you haven’t already - their website is here. You can find and enroll in the Pre-Security path here - you should definitely complete this before anything else on the platform. Also, TryHackMe have an amazing promotion running until 15th July, where if you complete Pre-Security rooms, you gain randomised tickets which can be used to redeem amazing prizes. Sign up for TryHackMe now!